Ham radio call G7KXM.
Had my interest "sparked" at 2nd year junior school using a Tandy/Realistic "?? In 1 Electronics Lab". Saved my pocket money, birthday and Christmas money and bought from Tandy shop in Coventry a Realistic 200in1 Electronics Lab, built a transmitter and a receiver, I was amazed by radio, that and the adverts for CB radio in the Tandy catalogue which at the time were not legal in the UK.
Forward to 1984/85ish aged 14 I rebelled against my parents and bought off a school friend a Maxcom Apollo 16e, 3amp psu and a DV27 on a ground plane kit, with the handle "Microchip" I was on the air!

Over the next few years on CB I had the following CB's:
Maxcom Apollo 16e (27/81)
Communicators NI440DX (27/81) (borrowed one, then was given a dead one I repaired)
Rotel RVC240 (27/81)
York JCB863 (27/81)
Grandstand Homebase. (27/81)
DNT Contact 40 (PR27/GB)

Aerials used:
DV27 on ground plane kit
Wot Pole
Silver Arrow
Silver Rod

I left school at 16 in July 1987 and started a Telecommunications Technician Apprenticeship at GEC Telecommunications in Sept. 1987, anyone remember  GEC? At the time they were a world leader in the telecoms industry, whilst i was an apprentice they changed to GPT and eventually became Marconi, today they are gone, like most other UK industry :-(

In Sept. 1988 I enrolled on the RAE course at Coventry Technical College (another bygone institution) and in May 1989 I passed the RAE. I started with a  Hammaster 2025 2m fm rig and a Slim Jim this replaced the CB aerial on the back of mum and dads house.
I was now working and playing with PCs (Amstrad PCs to be precise), owning an Amstrad PC1512 and working for GEC Avery Service IT Division mainly doing on site warranty repairs on the Amstrad fax machines (FX9600, FX5000, FX5050) and some of their 286 and 386 based PC's . Packet radio was becoming popular so I applied for my call in 1990/1991 and was issued G7KXM, I started by building a Baycom modem and later a Maxpak TNC. I also bought a 2nd hand Yaesu FT290R with Mutek front end and a Yaesu FT208R in the early/mid 90's, I still have both radios and the Maxpak TNC2-DL.

Messed with radio a little and PC's more throughout the 90's mainly with the FT290R and the Slim Jim then mounted in the loft at my own house, I also got hold of a Realistic DX-300 for listening to HF, not brilliant, but ok for casual listening initially on a bit of wire strung down the garden and then using a Howes Kits Active Antenna.

Several house moves later, now married with 3 lovely children and a change in Ham licensing, dropping the morse requirement to use HF. I now have an FT-757GX, FC-757 and FP-707 for HF. Living in Chapelfields, the old watchmakers district of Coventry which is a conservation area. Presently have a Silver Rod mounted about 12 feet off the ground resonant on 10m and a "white stick" for 2m/70cm mounted about 30 feet off the ground, looking at making a fan dipole for HF.